EIB 3392 S



    EIB 3392 S

    Functional safety

    Depending on the connected encoder and subsequent electronics, suited for applications up to

    • SIL 2 according to EN 61 508 (further basis for testing: EN 61 800-5-2)
    • Category 3, PL d as per EN ISO 13 849-1:2016-06


    26 · 10–9 (with respect to an operating altitude of 1000 m above sea level)

    Safe position

    Due to the connected encoder and the subsequent electronics (i.e. through the configuration);
    the EIB has no influence on the safe position



    EnDat 2.2

    Ordering designation

    EnDat22 (Note the requirements on the encoder)

    Electrical connection

    Various connectors (see ''Versions of the EIB 3392 S”)

    Encoder supply voltage (UP2)

    DC 8.0 V ±0.4 V, max. 1800 mW

    Cable length

    30 m1)




    Ordering designation


    Electrical connection

    Various connectors (see ''Versions of the EIB 3392 S”)

    Cable length

    30 m2)

    Voltage supply (UP1)

    DC 24 V (16.0 V to 28.8 V)
    (up to DC 36.0 V possible without impairing functional safety)

    Power consumption

    Maximum At 16.0 V: 3200 mW
    At 28.8 V:
    3300 mW

    Typical At 24 V: 1000 mW + 1.15 x PMtyp
    (with PMtyp = typical power consumption of the encoder)

    Operating temperature

    0 °C to 60 °C

    Storage temperature

    –30 °C to 70 °C

    Vibration 55 Hz to 2000 Hz

    Shock 11 ms

    100 m/s2 (IEC 60 068-2-6)

    200 m/s2 (IEC 60 068-2-27)

    Protection EN 60 529



    ≈ 0,2 kg (with 1 m cable length on both sides)

    1) With HEIDENHAIN cable; note the power supply at the encoder.

    2) Depending on the output cable; the plug connection to the EIB is to be considered a DRIVE-CLiQ coupling.

    3) Use the correct connector version

    DRIVE-CLiQ is a registered trademark of SIEMENS AG.